One thing that unites us all and keeps us inspired and motivated, especially in a time of crisis, is the love for music. We asked a few of our stockists and fellow music lovers to share what tracks are keeping them sane during the lockdown.
Round 40 is a small store located in the historical centre of Athens, right next to the impressive Metropolitan Cathedral. It is the only store that you will find Universal Works to date, in Greece!
We have been working with Napolean since 2015, who is 
the stores' owner and buyer. Napolean is as Mediterranean as it gets, with a positive attitude that is contagious. Whenever he visits our Paris showroom with his wife Elena, they lighten up everyone's day! This is Napoleon's Lockdown playlist:


What artist/album are you enjoying listening to lately? 
A Greek classic composer Manos Hatzidakis and his Gioconda's Smile album

Any musician or DJ you would love to see perform once the quarantine is over?
Beth Gibbons, David Byrne

What are your go-to garments to wear to dance around the house, during lockdown?
UW Fatigue Pants


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