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Federica is the mind (and hands) behind Hanami Jewellery and first had the idea for the brand, on a trip to Kyoto, Japan. Whilst walking the ‘The Philosopher's Walk’ a path that follows a cherry-tree-lined canal in Kyoto, she wrote the word ‘Hanami’ in her notebook. The word in Japanese stands for the practice of viewing cherry blossoms when they are in full bloom. In the same notebook, she drew the first necklace design. 

Federica takes inspiration from her travels to Japan and the USA and ties these influences together with the use of her materials, from vintage military fabrics to neckerchiefs and leather details. A mix of the Japanese and American aesthetics that she and her partner Renato love so much! The necklaces are entirely handmade in Rome by Federica, each piece is totally unique. 


Hi Federica, we are glad to be stocking hanami for the third season, any developments for this new collection?

Ciao, I am very happy to be working with Universal Works again, thank you very much!  Each collection always starts from a different theme. For the latest collection, for example, I worked with natural materials such as wood and leather. I incorporated them into the beaded necklaces as well as for the first time into the bandana designs. When I'm working with Universal Works I tend to use the colours in the U.W collection as a starting point, and thats one of the reasons why I think they compliment themselves so well together. 



We really love the new designs, where do you tend to source your materials from?

Every time I choose the materials, I do very careful research, personally selecting through various Italian fabric stores and online for the foreign ones. Before the pandemic, I bought many of them during my frequent trips, especially to Japan and the USA. I hope I can get back to doing that as soon as possible. 

Our customers really love your necklaces, why do you think Hanami and Universal Works work so well together?

The bond that unites Hanami to Universal Works continues to strengthen over time, thanks to sharing the same ethos;  to create and to work every day with passion, and to continuously search for new ideas.




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