Last year on a trip to Rome to visit long-term stockist Bottiglieria, Renato the store manager greeted us with a gift. This gift was an intricately braided necklace with offcuts from neckerchiefs and other materials and was handmade by his partner Federica. We were so charmed by them, that we immediately asked if it was possible to take home any more for the rest of the team and decided we must stock them!

Federica is the mind and hands behind Hanami Jewellery and first had the idea for the brand, on a trip to Kyoto, Japan. Whilst walking the ‘The Philosopher's Walk’ a path that follows a cherry-tree-lined canal in Kyoto, she wrote the word ‘Hanami’ in her notebook. The word in Japanese stands for the practice of viewing cherry blossoms when they are in full bloom. In the same notebook, she drew the first necklace design. 

Federica takes inspiration from her travels to Japan and the USA and ties these influences together with the use of her materials, from vintage military fabrics to neckerchiefs and leather details. A mix of the Japanese and American aesthetics that she and Renato love so much!

The necklaces are entirely handmade in Rome by Federica, each piece is totally unique and exclusively sold to Universal Works in the U.K.

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