Our latest series sees us sharing stories from our international community kingpins by spotlighting the people living, working and doing good things in the vicinity of our stores and stockists. As we like to say; it’s all about  Good People and Good Places. 


Next up, we find ourselves sipping proper Cappuccinos (at the right time of day, mind you) in the company of Monica and Nadin, the dynamic mother-and-daughter duo who run Caffè Fiore. A charming café and flower shop which is conveniently located just a stone's throw away from our trusted friend and UW. stockist, Paris Oracle. As we stepped into Caffè Fioree are immediately welcomed with the vibrant energy that comes from a family run business. Their shared dream was to create something special, “negozio di fiori su strada" — a flower shop that gives a touch of beauty to the sidewalk. It's more than just a place to purchase flowers; it's a gathering spot, that hosts events such as floral design workshops. 

In 2020, they expanded their offerings by adding a quaint café adjacent to their beloved shop. The café is a natural extension of their love for the local neighborhood. Serving up simple, authentic Roman dishes, with an focus on quality ingredients, they also work with the local baker to ensure a steady supply of freshly baked bread and pastries for their regular customers. 


Monica wears, Vest - Zip Gilet In Orange Wool Fleece, Shirt - Daybrook Shirt In Ecru Brushed Cotton Wool, Trouser - Pleated Track Pant In Brown Italian Pinstripe, Shoes - Model's own.
Nadine wears, Scarf - Neckerchief In Navy Classic Bandana, Jacket - Easy Over Jacket In Green Harris Tweed, Tee - models own, Trouser - Parachute Pant In Indigo Japanese Twill Denim


For Monica and Nadine, who were born and raised right in this very neighborhood, Caffè Fiore's regulars are like an extended family. Over the years, Nadine has witnessed generations of locals grow up and returning time and time again to the flower shop. This connection has woven a tight-knit sense of community that transforms the neighbourhood into a quaint village within the bustling metropolis of Rome.

It's a place where everyone knows your first name, and many of their customers live nearby, visiting daily, including several participants in our "Good People, Good Places" Rome project. Even Stefano, the man behind Paris Oracle, can often be seen dashing in for a quick espresso at Caffè Fiore before opening his store. What's unmistakable to us is that this isn't just a café or a flower shop; it's the heart and soul of the Solario Trieste neighborhood.


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