Our latest series sees us sharing stories from our international community kingpins by spotlighting the people living, working and doing good things in the vicinity of our stores and stockists. As we like to say; it’s all about  Good People and Good Places. 


We are now on the final leg of our tour around Rome's Trieste Salario Neighborhood, and this time we are catching up with the composer, music producer, and DJ duo known as Altarboy.

The duo began their professional career with a series of club-oriented singles and spent a few years honing their skills in the nightlife scene, primarily producing electronic music with a focus on techno and deep house sounds.
After this deep dive in pure electronics they returned to their roots and produced their first pop album with dream atmospheres, "Way Beyond” in 2018. In a short period of time they established themselves as producers on an international level also through collaboration with partners such as; Netflix, Amazon, Sky, Warner and many more. They are currently working on new music for several exciting upcoming projects, including a brand new album.


Attilo (left) wears Pleated Track Pant in Navy Wool Cotton Seersucker, Zip Waistcoat in Brown British Check Fleece and in the other photos Watchman II Jacket in Navy Recycled Soft Wool. Sergio (right) wears Quilted Kyoto Work Jacket in Cumin Cotton and Military Chino in Licorice Cord. 


"Altarboy," consisting of Atillio Tucci and Sergio Picciaredda, creates music together in a high-tech basement studio located in Parioli. "Every day, we come here to make music, even on the weekends. We work on our own projects and commissioned projects, always thinking about what's next," they explain. They go on to tell us that over the years, their studio has transitioned from an unofficial teen clubhouse where, at the age of 16 or 17, they tried to impress their high school friends with their Hip Hop and Italo Disco mixes, to the present day—a fully-fledged professional studio equipped with a covetable array of music production equipment. As they show us around, they casually mention that much of what we see is the same equipment that Pink Floyd and the Beatles would have used back in the day.



In addition to their impressive technical setup, the studio is filled with enough records to make any serious collector drool. In fact, their passion for collecting "nice things" is how they became friends of Paris Oracle, which brings us to where we are today. "We're addicted to cool stuff and fashion," they admit with a smile. You can see from their eclectic setup that it's no coincidence that they ended up as friends of Stefano.



Big thanks to Atillio and Sergio for taking the time to welcome us into their incredible space. We even had the privilege of getting a sneak preview of one of their new tracks, but unfortunately, you'll have to stay tuned for that one.