To celebrate the opening of our new store in the exciting development of Coal Drop Yard, We have made a short film with Milo Hutchings a talented filmmaker and member of the Universal Works team.

Coal Drops Yard, sitting at the heart of London’s Kings Cross neighbourhood, was the coal store for London in the last century. The site was always the place of goods and trade from the rest of the UK coming to London. It has also always been the place of arrival into London for the team at Universal Works and it seemed to make perfect sense that we are part of this development.

MUTT (architecture studio and friends of the brand) have created a space that communicates UW values.

"MUTT has worked closely with Universal Works to develop an architectural language for their stores, beginning with an exciting new store at Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross.
The approach centres on three key facets of the brand: the context, the crafted and the personal."

Coal Drops Yard opens October 26th, Watch our film below to learn more and get a peek at the new Kings Cross development.