We believe in manufacturing garments with people who we trust and admire, and are proud to be associated with!

We champion small-scale production which is one of the many reasons we like working with our local sock maker in Loughborough. The family-owned business is over 100 years old and is run today by 4th and 5th generation descendants of the original owners. They use 50-year-old British sock making machinery and techniques and pay great attention to detail.

This week our photographer tagged along on a factory visit with the production team and we were lucky to capture the making process of our wonderful socks.



Each of our woollen and cotton socks has been manufactured in England using traditional methods. Our factory specialises in the manufacture of mohair and alpaca socks, with hand linking techniques.

Skilled hand linkers are in short supply. Hand linking socks is both expensive and time-consuming but creates a seamless, perfectly flat finish giving the greatest comfort and durability. The art of hand linking requires skill, experience, enormous manual dexterity, and excellent vision. 


Caroline Taylor, pictured here hand linking socks at J. Alex Swift.