It's hard not to love our Wool Fleece, not only is it a practical winter fabric that keeps us warm, it looks great too!

For AW20 we have introduced new styles and variations so we sat down with UW. Designer David Keyte, who gave us a run down on our lovely wool fleece collection.

"We started using this wool blend fabric in Autumn 2017. We sourced it and developed it with an Italian mill, used to working with sports and outdoor brands.

We love it for the structure it gives to simple garments with a sports yet utilitarian feel and a great warmth to weight ratio. Making a lightweight, warm, versatile and, we hope, very stylish garment. 

After 3 years of working with this fabric we have added a number of new options this autumn / winter, in fabric weights and styles that even for hardcore fans of the UW wool fleece should be exciting, making the nerve ends twitch, in a good way!"




Original Wool Fleece Blend.
A mid weight favourite at UW, the Cardigan has been our best seller for 3 winters now and is still super strong with new colours and variants, of mixed colours. A small yet interesting shake up we designed for Esquire magazine and a new liner jacket zip front style too. View our Original Wool Blend here.





Check Fleece

The Austin Check, Heavy Plaid and the Check Wool Fleece are all variations on a theme, less wool content for an even lighter feel than our original wool fleece, less wool itch if you suffer from that but still great warmth and the new Heavy Plaid version is a monster for those colder days.  The check options include great shapes in the liner jacket and gilet as well as our popular cardigan. View our Check Fleece here.





Tibet Fleece

I’m sure this fabric has never been to Tibet, but it would work well there I’m sure, softer and more textured than our original, its really going to be a star piece this winter. Available in both highlight and elegant colours and styled in our classic cardigan jacket as well as the great, brand new, beach hoody. A beach hoody is a must for winter is it not! View Tibet Fleece here.





‘Dam’ Fleece 

This is the newest and lightest addition to the family of wool fleece this fall. It’s a little cleaner more sophisticated looking, in fact named for being a “damn fine fabric” in our studio when we developed it. A great layering piece, in plain colours and really cool subtle checks. Styled in our now famous classic cardigan as well as a new super hip oversized split neck ready to release that inner 60’s hippy in you for a laid-back look that we are all going to be sporting this season. View ‘Dam’ Fleece here.



So, ‘Wool Fleece’ a group of fabrics we kinda took from the world of outdoor climbers, adventurers, hikers and mountain bikers and gave a new home in the world of casual comfortable coolness! Clothing to look rad in and feel great in, even if, for now you are spending your life on a zoom call, only hiking from the sofa to the kitchen... Like this? Read about our Mountain Fleece here.