This week, we’ve got a special project coming out with Oi Polloi.

We’ve been working with the guys at Oi Polloi for a long time, since our very first season in fact. The OP boys really know their stuff when it comes to good clothes, and we like to think we do too.

For the project, neither of us wanted to do anything too fancy, just take two of our classic and best-selling styles and tweak them specifically for their customer.

We made the Overshirt and Aston Pant in a soft but hard-wearing Brisbane Moss brushed cotton twill and swapped out our regular buttons for Japanese sun grip poppers and finished things up with a cuffed closure on the jacket.

It’s nothing crazy but we are both happy with it how things have turned out. To sum things up, UW Designer David K chipped in his thoughts:

“I wanted to make something that was just for Oi Polloi. It’s nice to do special projects – it’s fun –otherwise, you can kind of end up doing the same thing all the time. I really like things that are collaborative. I like when people do stuff like repairing an old jacket – I think it’s brilliant.

Oi Polloi took one of our best-selling items and made an improvement. They put a little closure on the cuff, and what a great idea? That’s through wearing it, and thinking, 'If only it did that'.

It’s a genuine design change, that’s only for them. And that’s great. And I hope lots of people ask us for it so we can say, you can’t have it, you’ve got to get it from Oi Polloi.” ­­

The garments are available now at Oi Polloi.



Universal Works X Oi Polloi


Universal Works X Oi Polloi