“Universal Threads” is a series exploring the common threads running through each of our collections. For our next instalment “In Conversation”, Design Journalist Leanne Cloudsdale and Universal Works Co-Founders Stephanie Porritt and David Keyte get together for some (not too) serious styling related chit-chat.

This episode (just in time for party season); a conversation about how you can dress up your Uni Works outfit for a formal occasion safe in the knowledge that you can dress it down later on for something a little less official. Introducing “Dress it Up/Dress it Down”.


 Filmmaker, Joe Wheatley. 


We’ve said it before, and we'll say it again; we are always humbled and honoured to see the images sent in by our customers showing them proudly wearing UW at their wedding. Afterall, It’s quite a big deal getting married in something, not least because you need to be authentically yourself, but in most cases, you also need to be a slightly smarter version of yourself.

When it comes to the more dressed-up times in life, be that a mates wedding, your nan’s 90th or the office christmas bash many of us can hold our hands up to the fact we’ve panic bought an outfit then relegated it to the back of the wardrobe never to see the light of day again. It’s our hope that when it comes to wearing Universal Works for a big occasion, that needn’t be the case. Why shouldn't you wear the same suit for the stag do, wedding and your birthday two years later? We certainly aren't judging.


Pictured here, @lucyaustinyoga and @nathanlaustin on their wedding day, Nathan wears Universal Works Three Button Jacket In Stone Cord, Military Chino In Stone Cord


Left, Joel wears, Field Jacket In Navy Cavalry Twill,  Daybrook Shirt In Sand Organic Mill Oxford, Military Chino In Navy Cavalry Twill, Tie In Dark Mustard Dot Print,  Pocket Square In Dark Mustard Classic Dot.
Right, Universal Works Three Button Jacket In Stone Cord, Print Pocket Tee In Ecru Organic Jersey,  L/S Camp Shirt In Sand Loscar Cotton, Military Chino In Stone Cord


Here at UW, we’ve got lots of nice stuff but we don’t make wedding suits per se. What we do make are matching two pieces in a wide range of fabrics that will look as good at a wedding styled with a matching tie and pocket square as it will on your honeymoon with a casual shirt and in the pub a year later with a simple white Tee. An outfit for all occasions we hear you say? And who doesn't like more bang, for your buck?

"Dressing it Up, Dressing It Down", tucking it in or letting it out. How we dress should be like an accordion – singing whatever tune life throws at you. And the magic part is, that once you’ve found something smart that fits you, you’ll soon realise you can do, quite literally, anything in it. 

If you’d like a suit for all occasions, visit UW Suiting here.