[The Universal Works North-Uist pop-up store was open to the public at 11:59am 1/4/22 and is now closed until further notice.]

2021 saw Universal Works continue the expansion of it’s retail network with an opening in Berlin, Germany, as well as a pop-up store in New York City. Since then we’ve had countless suggestions as to where we should open a store next.

Great retail spaces can create a connection between online virtual reality and the physical product, so we thought it was about time to give in to the demand and data and open where we’ve seen a, perhaps unexpected, increase in interest.

We’re excited to announce that Universal Works is coming to the Outer Hebridean market with the opening of a Pop-Up store on the island of North Uist. We’ve experienced demonstrable growth here over the past couple of years, due, in part, to the recent relocation of our Universal Works customer services department to the island.



The space, designed by the Universal Works creative team, is respectful of the surrounding landscape while channelling a healthy dose of Universal Works’ brand identity. At 1200sq feet there’s ample room to browse the collections while overlooking the vastness of the Atlantic ocean - a truly unique retail experience.

Our Customer Service Manager lives on North Uist and over the years he's noticed hordes of people travelling across the island, both cycling and in motorhomes, making this new pop-up retail location an ideal spot to catch that passing customer with their eye on a new ripstop Bakers Jacket. The freedom to simply stop in and browse is one of the most appealing features for us. A trip to this store will feed your soul and your sense of adventure alike.



The store will feature a selection of clothing specifically curated for the Outer-Hebridean market; waterproof fabrics, Aran knitted jumpers and beach hoodies complement the rustic interiors and cater to the needs of the passing traveller. The store boasts ample parking space for motorists, a cycle rack for those touring the island, and even includes a hitching post to tie up your horse or livestock while you browse the collections. This is a store that truly has something for everyone.


The Universal Works North-Uist pop-up store was open to the public at 11:59am 1/4/22 and is now closed until further notice.