It takes confidence to stay true to your roots when the world around you is changing. At Universal Works, consistency comes from an unwaveringly positive outlook and a determination to keep the building blocks of every collection looking relevant. It’s safe to say that there’s an emphasis on relationships, quality and authenticity that runs through the workforce as well as the aesthetic. A circle of trust that includes suppliers, agents, friends and customers from all across the globe – who, together, have made the past year feel like we’re actually part of one international and universal family.

Having an established network made the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 feel slightly less daunting and provided us with the opportunity to pause and reflect. It was a reminder that everyday life can still be inspiring, whether that’s taking pleasure from the simple things we see and do, to nurturing our friendships and noticing our surroundings a bit more.

This is stuff for wearing every day, made with cloth that’s been specifically chosen to age well and be easy to care for. The silhouettes stay true to the tried and tested framework, blending seamlessly from season to season. Think of it as a textured modern utilitarian uniform that takes the stress out of dressing - the perfect solution for our new way of living. 





Autumn/Winter 2021 - New In. 






Autumn/Winter 2021 - First drop here.