Just over a year ago, David stumbled upon a small gentleman headwear shop in Omotesando, Tokyo called THE H.W. DOG & CO. He was fascinated by their attention to detail, their use of handcrafted skills and traditional methods of Japanese craftsmanship whilst still incorporating modern techniques.


When returning to Japan several months later, David revisited the store and got talking to head designer and founder of the brand, Fumiya Tsurumaki. It didn't take long until they discussed working on a project together.




Fumiya draws inspirations from vintage products from the early Twentieth century, made by skilled craftsmen which cannot be mass-produced. He loves functional, military headwear from the 1940s-1960s as well as workwear items that were worn by European labourers.


‘Trends change all the time, but, using traditional Japanese craftsmanship, we aim to continue to produce the highest quality headwear that's timeless.’


David and Fumiya came together to create a limited collection of caps. The Field Cap was inspired by the classic railway workman cap. The Snapback Cap was based on David's personal favourite shape and originally inspired by the American 1970s trucker hat. Constructed by traditional 1970s Union sewing machines, and finished with the embroidered quote “THE CASE FOR BEING RECKLESS”  taken from Paul Arden, Fumiyas favourite author.





We are thrilled with the outcome and truly enjoyed working with such a unique and independent company, THE H.W. DOG & CO., who like us, value the production process. We congratulate them on their growing success as they celebrate their four year anniversary later this month.


The caps are now available in limited quantities online and in our Coal Drops Yard and Berwick Street Store.