An organic story of beauty, nature and chance encounters, Spring/Summer 2023 is inspired by great American landscapes fused with hazy summer walks on the British coastline. A season of colour, texture, and matching tonal shades; think rugged high deserts in sandstone browns, prairies bursting with delicate spring flora in yellows and pinks, expansive skies in blues and greys. A British eccentricity can be seen in the styling, with the outfits combining textural fabrications with vivid pops of summer colour.



 All of the Universal Works favourites remain with added details that subtly hark back to a (Peaceful) Western theme. Triangular pocket flaps come into play alongside decorative yokes that stop (just) short of a leather- fringed trim. Denims, chambrays and cool checks reinforce the mood, our cloud denim there for a real “space cowboy “ look. It’s a casual vibe, the kind of collection where the protagonist effortlessly wears a cowboy hat with a pair of sneakers.