When Graham Newmarch isn't busy running the Calculus store, in Victoria, BC, he tries to catch a minute out of shop hours to shoot some photography with his "close homie" and model Aaron, for their web-store. Graham, tells us more about the shoot, and his favourite pieces from SS21. 

"For Universal Works SS21, we set out to Laurel Point in the James Bay neighbourhood of Victoria. 

We found a nice walking path along the south side of the inner-Victoria harbour, beset by the Laurel Point Inn - an intriguing piece of 1980s architecture with a glass-laden, clean-white façade, with tiered/graded floors.

It's a quintessentially "Miami Vice" 80's fueled piece of work that, despite being paradoxically un-Victorian, makes for great summer photography vibes.

Always trying to avoid interruption to my shop hours, we set out after work in the early evening, capturing a nice range of sun positions.





You'll notice the change in temperature throughout the photos, and I always find it gives the series a sense of time passing - and a sense of variety, if nothing else.
Universal Works is never an "easy" brand to buy/make one's selections for, simply because of the wide range of options available to order.

I was particularly drawn to the shirting & trousers this season and decided to focus fully on those. After all, when it comes to spring/summer dress, I find myself reaching for a nice shirt and well-cut / complementary trouser in breathable fabrics every darn day.




The sailor pant, introduced this season, has quickly stolen my heart.
I've grown more & more accustomed to wide trousers in recent years, and these are my favourite creation to date - wide, with no taper, ankle-length, and the perfect balance of substantial yet light & flowy fabric.

The shirting this season is equally as exciting to someone with my inclinations. Between the perfect summer shirt in the semi-sheer linen/cotton blend road shirt to the sublime ease-of-wear of the washed herringbone denim trek shirt or its partner in fabric-borne excellence seen in the Kyoto work jacket... - it's hard to choose a favourite.

Everything is easy wearing, perfectly cut, and only made more satisfying by the complementary fabric & colour choices.

As per usual, Universal Works is proving to be one of my favourite collections this season - and my most worn. As hard as I try not to steal from my own store's buys... it has been very hard [nay, nigh on impossible] to do so this season."

- Graham Newmarch, Calculus store owner and buyer.