Stepping Outside The Frame 

Universal Works launches the new Spring/Summer 2022 collection. This promises to be a seasonal drop that echoes the sentiment of freedom and new horizons. Inspired by the work of mid-century American photographer Todd Webb, the basis for the design process stems from a book of Webb’s previously unpublished images, entitled Outside the Frame. This 255-page odyssey of optimism captures the cultural changes taking place in Africa in 1958 and was originally commissioned by the United Nations.

Webb travelled all over the continent, documenting a bold new sense of hope, positivity and happiness – capturing candid moments that look as fresh today as they did back in the 1950s. The imminent sense of freedom and the journey towards independence (from empire rule) is palpable in every shot. From cover to cover, what stands out most, is an attitude of sophistication, confidence and liberation. This uplifting flavour became the focal point for the shapes, tones and silhouettes of the new Universal Works Spring/Summer season.

Nothing is contrived, forced or fake. There’s the dropped-shoulders ease that warm weather brings, an indulgence of sun-faded colour against the backdrop of magnificent blue skies. Humble hues sit comfortably in the bustle of big city vibes. Self-assured smiles are radiant next to bold, geometric prints and soft, comfortable neutrals.

The colour palette for Spring Summer 2022 echoes the muted, casual composure. Cuts are slightly more generous to signal the spirit of change. As we adapt to life under the pandemic’s shadow, there are parallels between Todd Webb’s photography and the Universal Works quest for new beginnings. Whilst the evergreen UW classics remain, there’s a paired-back mood of loose, relaxed jackets. Oversized tees and sweats. Simple styling. Authentic composure. Stepping out into a new world armed with the true value of peace, love and soul.








Spring/Summer 2022 - First drop here.