New for this season, the Shawl Collar Shirt is our take on an old summer uniform shirt. 

"I came across this style via a friend of mine in the States who had seen a vintage shirt he wanted to buy for me. It was from the early part of the 20th Century and apparently part of a uniform for army officers who worked on the Panama Canal.

I never did get the shirt as some other collector “won” the auction, but it sparked my interest in the idea of the Shawl Collar shirt. I wanted a slightly longer style and with its shaped hem and sleeker sleeve shape, it is less of a ‘Camp Shirt’ style than our other summer pieces. 

It took us a few prototype attempts to get the fit of the collar right too, capturing an early workwear feel, yet with a modern spirit. 
We then developed the contemporary shape and aligned it with the Universal Works SS20 collection and, dare I say, I think we nailed it after those first few trials.

The Shawl Collar shirt has been launched in Poplin as well as Linen in solid colours, perfect for a summers day, hanging out at a BBQ or indeed if you fancy digging a rather large canal." - UW. co-founder, David Keyte

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Tyler Outfit 1:

Ecru Linen Shirting Shawl Collar Shirt 

Laurel Organic Jersey Organic Standard Tee

Brown Tropical Suiting Loose Short


Outfit 2:

Laurel Linen Shirting Shawl Collar Shirt

Ecru Vintage Denim Tie-Front Jacket 

Ecru Vintage Denim Universal Works Kyoto Work Pant


Photo Credit, Left to Right, Mono Form, Universal Works, Universal Works


View our Shawl Collar Shirt's here.