Back in February 2019, we held a press event in Seoul to mark the release of our SS19 collection in partnership with our new Korean Distributors.

As part of that visit, the team were exploring the area on the walk back to the hotel when they stumbled across an inconspicuous space nestled in the base of an apartment block in the Neighbourhood of Apgujeong in Seoul.

Greeted by a man sweeping outside and preparing for the evening who turned out to be the 'Kompakt Record Bar’ owner and resident DJ, Jin Moo Choi. The team were invited in and had a fantastic night of drinks and the best selection of Vinyl they had heard in a long time.

The Kompakt Record Bar has become a must-stop, for any visit to Seoul and never disappoints, so it only made sense to ask Jin Moo to put together a playlist for us. We hope you enjoy it!

Photo credit: URBS 

Tell us about yourself.
My Name is Jin Moo Choi and I’m running a Bar called Kompakt Record Bar. I’m a member of 360 Sounds which is a DJ team based in Seoul as well as a graphic designer.
We first opened the doors to Kompakt Record Bar, in April 2018 in the busy neighborhood of Apgujeong in Seoul. It is a unique place where you can enjoy a drink, along side great music which has been carefully selected by DJs.
Whilst thinking about the name of the place, we wanted something that could convey the compactness of the space (it is less than 30 m2 in a single room). The We used the German word ‘kompakt’ which is the same as ‘compact’ in English.
Even though the place is small, Kompakt Record Bar has an amazing vintage sound system that has been optimised for the space. We have experienced guest DJs who regularly play their record collections and the drinks offered are at a good price. Great music, atmosphere, and drinks, are the values of the Kompakt Record Bar and we hope to expand these small but meaningful movements in the future!

What is your all-time favourite “feel good” music to listen to? 
All Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Hip-hop Music

Any albums to recommend that you have been enjoying listening to lately?
- Khruangbin: Mordechai
- Freddie Gibbs and Madlib: Banadana 
- Danny Brown: uknowwhatimsayin 

Any artists that you would love to see perform once the quarantine is over? 
Korean 3-man band called Cadejo! You should listen to them live! The leader Tae Hoon Lee (guitar), Jae Ho Kim (Base), Da Bin Kim (Drum) . These days, due to COVID-19, I am listening through Instagram Live or Youtube. (We cannot use Spotify in Korea), I would like to see the performing of DJ J. Rocc and Koco in person. His online 'live performances' are impressive!

Photo Credit: Kompakt Record Bar is the owner of the above photo as well as the banner of this article. 
 Taken from our first night at Kompakt Record Bar.