Right now Peace, Love & Soul is more important than ever! We are so incredibly lucky to have such great customers and fans of our clothing, and we really appreciate your support throughout this tough time!
We want to say a big thank you and continue to share the Peace, Love, and Soul!
For a chance to win a £250 voucher and to be featured on our Instagram we want to see a photo of your current lockdown location or workstation with our UW. “Peace, Love, and Soul” motto featured within it, in any way you like!
Our favourites will be featured on our Instagram, and the winner will be announced on 29.05.20 
To enter:
1. Post your “Peace, Love and Soul” photo on your Instagram feed and tag @universal_works
2. Use the hashtag #PeaceLoveandSoul #universalworks
You can:
- A digital copy is available to save in this journal for use
- Or be creative with the “Peace, Love and Soul” motto in your own way
Good luck!
* A limited number of posters were printed and are now sold out. Thank you!