Universal Works introduces “Horizons”; an ode to the great outdoors, the place where the seasonal journey first began. For those who’ve lost their way as we strolled out of summer, see this as a guidebook for transitional dressing and a lesson in layering-up for those autumnal months.


Referencing UW’s in-house design mantra of “keep moving, keep improving, keep learning”, “Horizons” is a celebration of the ideation stage, a kind of storyboard for a shoot in a far-off land that never happened, and a recognition that how we get to our destination is often more intriguing than the destination itself.


Featuring - Hat - Watch Cap In Grey Wool Cashmere, Jacket - Lumber Jacket In Black Wool Fleece, Jumper - Loose Polo In Grey Wool Cashmere Mix, Trouser - Sailor Pant in Stone Canvas, Footwear - Models Own. 


Outfits featuring sturdy twills, easy-wearing fleeces, jumbo cords and trusty checks are worn amidst a fictional landscape of interlocking horizons, a nod to the illusive "The New Walk Culture Programme”; a rambling collective that anyone and everyone can be a part of. The resulting visuals blur the lines between a physical and creative journey, the intentionally scrapbook-like aesthetic encourages us all to give a little more appreciation to the creative process. For us, that’s where the real magic happens.



Featuring - Hat - Watch Cap In Orange Eco Wool, Jacket - L/S Utility Shirt In Charcoal Organic Cosy Check, Jumper - Roll Neck In Beige Eco Wool, Trouser - Peacenik Pant In Black Heavy Ripstop,  Footwear - Models Own. 



Featuring - , Jacket - Five Pocket Jacket in Navy Marl Bristol Recycled Wool Mix, Jumper - Half Zip Sweatshirt In Blue Dry Handle Brushback, Trouser - Pleated Track Pant In Navy Iron Lincot, Footwear - Models Own. 



AW22 Collection.