Our latest series sees us sharing stories from our international community kingpins by spotlighting the people living, working and doing good things in the vicinity of our stores and stockists. As we like to say; it’s all about  Good People and Good Places. 


Continuing our exploration of Rome's Trieste Solario Neighbourhood, our next destination is Galerie Rolando Anselmi, located just a stone's throw from our friends at Paris Oracle. Despite the stark minimalist exterior, we were pleasantly surprised by the warm and inviting smile that greeted us inside from Catarina Della Longa, the gallery's director for the past four years.

Galerie Rolando Anselmi is nestled beside a striking 1970s brutalist apartment block designed by renowned Italian architect Francesco Tamburini. It's a short walk from Villa Borghese, one of Rome's most significant art institutions.

Catarina shared a brief history of the space, once a car mechanic's shop, transformed into an art gallery in 2020, preserving the unique features of its previous life, like the garage doors and the car lift which is now used as a mezzanine for moving large artworks.

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The gallery is named after its owner, Rolando Anselmi, a childhood friend of Stefano, the mastermind behind the Paris Oracle store. In 2013, Rolando opened his first gallery in the vibrant Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood in Berlin. When the opportunity arose to establish a headquarters and a second gallery in his hometown, he seized it. In fact, the gallery is located in the very building where Rolando grew up. His mission is to make contemporary art accessible to people of all backgrounds, not just the elite, using art as a tool to build connections within the community. Thus, this move back to his home neighbourhood was a natural choice.



The gallery proudly represents a diverse array of talents, boasting a roster of 12 international artists who push the boundaries of contemporary art. During our visit in September 2023, the gallery was hosting the first solo exhibition by Moris (Israel Meza Moreno), a Mexican artist living in an area outside Mexico City controlled by the Cartel. The exhibition, titled "Caminando hacia el verdugo" or "Walking towards the executioner," provides a profound space for analysis of the social and cultural complexity of his homeland.

Looking to the future, Catherine shared exciting plans for the gallery. They are preparing to launch a residency program for established artists in the upcoming year, solidifying the gallery's position as a key player in Rome's vibrant art scene.

Thanks to Catarina for the warm welcome and insightful tour!