Universal Works ⁠presents, 'SOUL' the final episode of our three part film titled, “No Border, No Nations, Just people.” In this episode artists and creatives discuss what music means for people.

Big thanks to, Channel One Selector Mikey Dread, MC, Ras Kayleb, David Keyte, Don Letts, Paul Byrne, Paul Noble, Robert Gordon McHarh III, Raoul Shah. Shot against the world class Spiritland soundsystem.  


Raoul Shah,
is Founder and joint CEO of creative communications agency Exposure. He set up his company in 1993 with the desire for a job that allowed him to simply meet friends with a shared love of music, art and fashion and connect people across his network.
30 years on, they have offices around the world with clients such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Converse, Dr. Martens and Netflix under their belt. Raoul explains what he thinks music means to the people,

“I think it brings people together it’s a common thing in the middle that unites them. It takes away all class and creed and colour and religion, and suddenly you're all sharing an experience because, you all love a certain artist, or just a certain sound.”

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We persuaded our very own David Keyte, to take part in our film.

David is renowned within his inner circle for his eclectic music taste. Subcultural music influences have steered his life both in dress and in work: he grew up around Northern Soul, dipped a toe in the Punk scene and his record collection expands from funk to ska, reggae to jazz. David, explains what music does for him.

“It touches the soul, I’m a big fan of talking about the soul. Not soul music, which I love, but doing things from the soul… I think it’s good for us all. It’s a positive energy.”

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