Here at UW. it’s "Dress-up Friday," a concept that started during lockdown as we all missed the buzz of getting our best clobber on. This week our Retail team share what they are wearing.


Jasper wears, 
Dockside Overshirt In Olive Ripstop Cotton, 
S/S Big Pocket Shirt In Brown Lotus Print, 
Patched Mill Fatigue Pant In Navy Twill/Camo, 
Bucket Hat In Desert Frogskin Camo


Ash wears,
Field Cap In Sand Canvas
Windcheater II Jacket In Navy Canvas,
Loose Cardigan In Brown Marl Merino Knit,
Pleated Track Pant in Sensor Recycled Cotton 


Dan wears,
Military Liner Jacket In Jungle Frogskin Camo,
Jojo Anglers Waistcoat In Washed Indigo Herringbone Denim,
 Sailor Pant In Navy Fine Twill,


Kelly wears,
Hangout Jacket In Blue Tek Wax,
Fatigue Pant In Indigo Handloom Denim,
Zip Waistcoat In Olive Japanese Flower II,


 Mikee wears,
Bakers Overshirt In Gold Poplin,
 Big Pocket Tee In Natural Organic Stripe Sweat,
 MW Fatigue Jacket In Olive O/D Linen Cotton,
Pleated Track Pant In Navy Sensor Recycled Cotton


 Lucy wears,
Kyoto Work Jacket In Indigo Paisley Weave,
Military Liner Jacket In Navy Canvas,
Pleated Track Pant In Ecru Sensor Recycled Cotton,


Joe wears, 
Labour Jacket II In Indigo Handloom Denim,
Zip Waistcoat In Olive Peacekeeper Camo,
Universal Works Sailor Pant In Tan Fine Twill,


 Eve wears,
L/S Crew In Ecru Save That Jersey,
Battleman Waistcoat In Olive Fine Weave Cotton,
Patched Mill Fatigue Pant In Olive/Sand Peacekeeper Camo



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