We have finally opened the doors to our Coal Drops Yard store and we couldn't be happier with how it's turned out. A huge thank you to everyone involved and that have visited the store since we opened.

When we first made our decision to be a part of the prodigious development, Coal Drops Yard, we knew it was vital to appoint an architect, and the right one. Whilst we had no particular practice in mind we knew the most important thing for us was someone that understood the UW aesthetic and the spirit of the company. A timely but chance meeting in our store helped our choice of MUTT.

We liked their ideas and creative energy, and it certainly helped they were wearing Universal Works. Our brief was simple, to be modern and original whilst being sympathetic to the existing building; we think they really nailed it with a stunning design. Working with Mutt, with their calm confidence and professionalism has been a genuinely exciting and enjoyable experience.







Graham Burn and Alex Turner from Mutt Architecture Studio with David Keyte. 

 "It has been a great experience to work with Universal Works, led by David Keyte and Stephanie Porritt, in developing an architectural language for their stores and to deliver it at such a prestigious site as Coal Drops Yard. It is a privilege to work with a client who truly understands the importance of design, and we greatly value the freedom given to us by Universal Works to challenge their brief and test ideas. We are now looking forward to the next fruit of this collaboration and new friendship." say's Mutt

A big thanks to Mutt architecture studio for creating us a truly inspiring space and unique design, we love it! Thank you to the 19 limited for all their hard work in bringing the design to life.