Hotel Deluxe AW22. First Release Available Now. 


It's that time of year again when we visit the best hotel you've never stayed in: Hotel Deluxe. AW22. 

Every season, Universal Works takes a spin in the dream machine. It’s an opportunity to rebel against the rulebook and sketch out some seriously magical threads. The barometer signals a change in the weather this time around we are on the high plains and ski slopes around our very own version of Santa Fe.

In our imaginations this is somewhere in the mountains and valleys of New Mexico but somehow immersed in a Japanese sense of arts and craft, and given a final twist of British style and a sense of humour.

Our HOTEL DELUXE is located in this place of colliding culture; high plains and snow capped mountains, fresh air and cold lakes. Think Rye Whiskey meets warm Saki, Santa Fe meets Hokkaido and Georgia O’Keefe meets David Bowie.



The collection has all the items you’ll need for your trip. New styles come in parkas and iridescent jackets, warm fleece-lined coats and quilted capes. Some of our ever-popular fleece cardigans and jackets, along with special luxury Japanese fabrics for those special party nights, not to mention the luxe gifts for you to give and receive over the holidays.

There’s something to suit the best-dressed porters and the most sartorially savvy high-paying guests, step into the HOTEL DELUXE lobby and you'll find a cacophony of aesthetics, somehow working together in peace and harmony.

Come inside, everyone’s welcome.








Hotel Deluxe AW22. First Release Available Now.