AW20 Collection


Conceived, Designed and Developed before a worldwide pandemic and now delivered in the Autumn of what can only be described as an 'extraordinary year’.

The AW20 collection never really had a set ‘theme’. Now, more than ever, it feels that concentrating on achieving great product as opposed to fitting into a fashion theme is far more the Universal Works way. 

Mixing the formal with the informal, the hi-tech with the low-fi and to create casual clothing for contemporary and changing times. We aim to do this with a  global perspective and a smile on our faces. 

Each season we have fresh ideas and fresh inspirations, but also a continuous thread from the first collection in 2009 through to today. This collection is number 23, a prime number and for sure a prime collection. Lots of new rich colours with natural browns, russet & caramel with a splash of yellow, coming to the fore. Incorporating many of the UW favourite and staple styles, with an exciting addition of new shapes too.

Wider looser jackets and pants, some great wearable fabrics, mixing both modern and traditional, while still showing its blue-collar workwear roots.

We hope you enjoy!