It’s Christmas in the UW. office...  

And in this case that means mince pies, intentionally bad decorations, cracking outfits with all the trimmings and a good dollop of light hearted fun in the form of a (fictional) set of office characters.

If you are in a festive pickle this year (and not the edible kind), head here for some not-so-serious Universal gifting inspiration, or read further for some festive office themed fits and silliness. 


Helen wears, Kyoto Work Jacket In Navy Roi Cord, Big Shirt In Sand Recycled Wool Mix SJ, Pleated Track Pant In Navy Check Wool Mix, Watch Cap In Beige Eco Wool.


Helen - Office Music Quality and Ambience Enforcement Officer

The soundtrack to our working day has the power to make every shift feel like Friday (or a Monday morning, if Malcolm from Logistics gets anywhere near the dial). The importance of top tunes is why Helen, the Music Quality and Ambience Enforcement Officer has the authority to flip Aphex Twin over to Bucks Fizz, should the workload demand it. 

A cool Kyoto corduroy costumer, she’s normally plotting empowering playlists wearing muted tones (as you’d imagine, navy’s her favourite - it being the colour associated with authority). Every now and again though, she’ll be spotted over by the filing cabinet smoothing the mood in some fine beige woollen numbers, keeping the management team’s musical pollution levels in check (there’s no excuse for Simply Red in the office - even when it’s crunch time for the end of year accounts).

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Ted wears, Kyoto Work Jacket In Stone Recycled Columbo Tweed, Easy Overshirt In Camel Melton, Classic Crew Sweatshirt In Brown Hikers Jacquard, Peacenik Pant In Dark Navy Heavy Ripstop, Bucket Hat In Navy Brisbane Cord.


Ted- Senior Sock Analyst.

Nothing gets past Ted. He’s a Senior Sock Analyst with a collection that would make Alan Partridge blush. A man who takes a flash of ankle seriously, he’s a firm believer in the power a good sock can bring to any commercial business. At Christmas, he’s in his element - changing his chunky wool HIke Sock numbers mid-way through morning stock control meeting to showcase some offbeat tie-dye dazzlers. 

As you’d imagine, winter is his favourite season, and allows up to four changes between 9-5pm. Zooms are a cross between Kubrick and Lynch, as he angles the laptop screen to showcase his latest sock-orienttated purchases. On office days, you’ll find him over by the photocopier in Recycled Columbo Tweed - waxing lyrical about how we should dress from the feet up, as he loads a fresh stack of A3.

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Stephen wears; Five Pocket Jacket In Navy Marl Bristol Recycled Wool Mix, Roll Neck In Camel Recycled Wool, Vince Cardigan In Camel Recycled Wool, Pleated Track Pant In Navy Recycled Soft Wool, Shoes Models own.


Stephen - Vice President of Hot Beverages and Biscuits.

With Jingle Bells on repeat on the radio and rumours of a staff Christmas raffle in the air, there’s nothing that gets the festive blood pressure racing like the office tea round. Whether it’s that shady type who slips off to the kitchen to make a solo brew without asking anyone (cardinal SIN!) or the bubble brain who always forgets that you stopped taking sugar over two years ago - it’s a tricky balance to strike. 

This political minefield has been much easier to navigate since Stephen was elected Vice President of Hot Beverages & Biscuits. He's an approachable figure in soft camel knits and slouchy wool pants he’s paid to keep a close, caffeinated eye on the kettle, milk stocks (all variations) and the staff drink-making rota. Easy to spot, he’s generally on the blower to the cash & carry, ordering industrial sized tins of coffee or peeking out of the window blinds, eagerly awaiting the next biscuit delivery. 

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Jake wears, Bakers Chore Jacket In Olive Merino Check, Daybrook Shirt In Navy Organic Mill Oxford,Brixton Waistcoat In Navy Paisley Cord, Military Chino In Olive Merino Check.


Jake - Chair of The Baker’s Jacket Association.

If ever there was a water cooler convo worth having, it’s gotta be a 1-2-1 with Jake - long standing Chair of the Baker’s Jacket Association. A proud owner of (probably) the world’s biggest collection of the Bakers Jacket, there’s nothing he doesn’t know about this iconic UW style. Recently spotted lookin’ suave in the Olive Merino Check one, he’s already steamed his new Harris Tweed version in prep for the office Christmas party. This year he’s been banned from going anywhere near the photocopier (for obvious reasons).  

A pandora’s box of historical Bakers Jacket facts (turns out it’s been a bestseller since the get-go) he’ll happily walk you through its evolution and give you the confidential low-down on what fabrics we can expect to see it in next season. Rarely seen without one, he’s a year-round oracle about the style and probably best avoided when he’s had a few mulled wines (unless you’ve got an hour to spare). But if you’re in the game for a screen break and a leg stretch, then head on over and get him started.

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