Universal Works X Novesta

Novesta has been making natural rubber soles and cotton canvas shoes in the same factory since it opened in Partizánske, Slovakia in 1939. They only produce shoes from natural materials from environmentally responsible sources and no chemicals or glue are used in the process.  
Our relationship with Novesta started in 2015 after a meeting in New York where Novesta suggested we collaborate with them. Since then, we have released many iterations of their signature 'Star Master' and 'Star Dribble' models to name but a few, all with a Universal Works take, in our core, seasonal fabrics; and Spring-Summer 2022 is no exception. This camo is designed and made exclusively by us, a three colour take on the classic military fabric, here made for entirely peaceful endeavours.
You can read more about our relationship with Novesta over the years in our Journal here.