Written by our Broad Street, Nottingham store manager, Frankie.


Whether you’re a streetwear head or a lover of high end fashion houses YARD covers all these bases and so much more. 

The prop- as he likes to be known- of YARD is sure to make you feel like you’ve walked into his space and will welcome you like you’ve met before, whether in this world or another.  It feels like you can go in and be completely yourself and come out having spent an unknown amount of time setting the world to rights. That’s the unique thing about the store that has come to occupy the space opposite our Nottingham store, in Rough Trade. There aren’t many retail spaces you could put under the description of an experience. 



YARD describes it's space as a ‘general store dealing collectibles, the desirable, the hard & not so hard to find; selecting an ever changing edit of ultimately collectible fashion books, zines, style magazines, art, printed merch & cultural shit we like.’

From our perspective, you can never own too many books. Particularly when they cover all areas of society and culture and many of them relate to fashion. YARD isn’t just full of high end fashion books, it also holds some of the best international Zine’s you can get from huge publishers such as IDEA books & Innen Zines from Zurich who work with the world’s best underground artists. There’s also the incredible large format print Sneeze magazine which is an art & skateboard culture magazine from Canada. It’s a world that constantly evolves, both the culture and the shop.  Back to the fashion world, another gem you’ll find on the shelf is  ‘Glen Luchford PRADA 96-98’ commissioned by PRADA , (apparently one of the greatest fashion books ever made). 



It’s a great place to forget about daily life, switch off for an hour and dive into one of Dean's handpicked amazing selection of books. 

You can accompany your reading with the warming smell of FCRM fragrance candles, incense or room mists. Alongside these incredible smelling candles (we can vouch for this), you can find handmade, fired & glazed stoneware objects that are produced in Nottingham in very limited numbers by the formidable @theclaymonger

YARD is a store that at first glance looks like a gallery space, a concept store perhaps. We think what you make of the space is for you to decide but we encourage you to take a tentative few steps across the hallway to find out.  


Yard webstore.