We first collaborated with Allan Buxton back in 2014 on two stop motion films, celebrating the launch of our Workshop Denim line. Back then we worked together at UWHQ, shooting over two VERY long days to create our tongue-in-cheek take on what it means to ‘hand make’ a garment. The challenging shoot tested everyone involved, especially the model who had to hold a pose for up to half an hour! We worked through the challenges and the end result was two films that we all loved. It was clear that it would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

A year later we enlisted his help again to create a stop motion animation for us to exhibit at our second London Collections Mens presentation. By this time Allan had moved into his own studio, hidden on the top floor of a large building in Nottingham’s city centre.  Even though he had only recently moved in, the large studio was already part museum part 'Scrapheap Challenge' set; full of props and, for want of a better word, junk from past, present and future projects. We fell in love with his space, and believe that the madness of his studio informed the feel of the finished film. It’s easy to develop ideas in a space full of them.

Fast forward to 2016 and we are teaming up with Allan again for our fourth London Collections presentation in what we believe to be our most exciting and ambitious project to date. Whilst visiting Allan’s studio for a recent meeting we took a few snaps of the space to give you a glimpse of his world and some of his recent work, which by the looks of things include tiny paper fork lift trucks and a disco set up.

Check out the past films and behind the scenes pictures along with the recent shots of Allan’s studio below:







Universal Works - Allan Buxton


Universal Works - Allan Buxton