One thing that unites us all and keeps us inspired and motivated, especially in a time of crisis, is the love for music. We asked a few of our stockists and fellow music lovers to share what tracks are keeping them sane during the lockdown.
The Hambledon’s founder Victoria Suffield, opened her Winchester store in 1999 and last year celebrated an impressive 20 years in business. Much of the store's success can be put down to their ethos “a department store, just selling the good stuff”. They offer a curated range of independent brands over three-stories,  from homeware to clothing.

Rob is their menswear buyer, as well as being a music connoisseur, and a very good DJ! When he visits our Paris showroom to do the stores seasonal buy, he is known for carrying a big bag full of new records.

The Hambledon has been working with Universal Works since our first season! Great taste in clothing, great taste in music: what more could we ask for?


How did you get into music / DJing?

A mate of mine's Dad used to go to America to work in the mid-’80s and he used to record radio shows while he was there. The cassettes got copied and suddenly I heard all of this amazing stuff. That was the catalyst. The DJing just accidentally happened, no real grand plan I played a few times then people asked me to come back which was really kind of them! 


Do you think music has a part in keeping us entertained in this surreal time?

Absolutely, It’s one of the most therapeutic things we can do. There are so many amazingly talented artists out there kindly plying their trade via live-streams for everyone to enjoy. DNice and Questlove have been my go-to DJs


What artist/album are you enjoying listening to lately?

I’m listening to all kinds of stuff. Since the lockdown, I’ve been really enjoying going down the rabbit hole that is Spotify. I’ve been discovering a lot of amazing Blues and acoustic records. If I’m playing records at home it’s a lot of Jazz and Soul because that’s the bulk of my collection. If I go from my Spotify history it would read ... Joe Pass, Red Garland, High Contrast, Melanie Di Biaso, Lightnin Hopkins, The Cure, Floating Points, Bill Evans, Sade, and The Roots.


What was your favourite artist or club you went to see live in the past?

Lots of Favourite clubs. Shelter NYC .. Space Ibiza in the late 90s ... Cielo NYC and Pacha Ibiza on a Flower Power night and of course The Ministry in its heyday.


What are your go-to garments to wear during lockdown?

Universal Works Kyoto Pant which could be the best pair of trousers I’ve ever owned ( Honestly!) and an Adsum T-shirt.