No outfit is complete without the finishing touches. This rings truer in the summer months when there are fewer layers to work with! Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why we were so chuffed to come across the wonderful jewellery by Made Solid on a recent trip to Paris! 

The owners behind Made Solid are life and business partners Mia and Peter Maxwell. The couple have been running the company since 2004, being influenced by their diverse upbringings as well as taking inspiration from where they currently reside in LA and the casual SoCal lifestyle.

Mia designs and hand makes the entire collection of beaded pieces. She grew up in Kumamoto, Japan, and her Japanese influence can be seen in much of the details and processes of her work. 

Made Solid work closely with the West African community of Los Angeles to help source the unique, antique beads that are used within their jewellery. The age of the beads themselves is often between 30-80 years old, some of them showing scars from there antique heritage. They are finished with an antique bone button loop closure that dates back to the Civil War era. Universal Works celebrate these ‘imperfections’ and recognise that the scars tell a story, keeping each piece truly unique.

We are proud to be one of the only stockists of Made Solid Jewellery in the UK.