Earlier this week, the UW team, customers, and industry folk gathered at The Casbah, an event space on Little Portland Street in London, for a live Q&A with Universal Works Co-Founder David Keyte. The talk was hosted by Raoul Shah: joint CEO of The Casbah Group and long-term friend of the brand (see our recent shoot with Raoul here). The pair took a deep dive into UW history, covering everything from origin stories to childhood memories, what it’s like working with your life partner, and much more. The questions from the audience peeled back even more layers of the UW story, and we even found out what time David gets up in the morning (6.30am, in case you are wondering).


It was a great opportunity to come together with members of the UW community to learn more about the how and why behind Universal Works, as well as having a good old natter over drinks afterwards. Despite all the merriment, we were sad that we couldn’t accommodate more people due to limited space. Fear not though, alongside some ambient photography, we caught the whole thing on video for you too. Immerse yourself below, and if we’ve done our job right, you will feel like you were there anyway.


Peace, Love, and Soul.


Team UW.