‘Peace, Love &’ is a series spotlighting the UW. community heavyweights who do things “From the Soul” and the people, places and things they’ve collected along the way. 


For our most recent instalment we dropped in on Raoul Shah, Founder and Joint CEO of Exposure, an independent communications agency based in London. His company consists of creators, makers and media, all sharing the common goal of “making brands culturally relevant”, uniting people, brands and culture by leveraging the power of networking and word of mouth — connecting the right brands with the right people.


Artwork in the office stairwell that Raoul has collected over the years.


We’re greeted at The Casbah in London, home to Exposure, beauty collective SEEN Group and comms agency THREESIXTY. Raoul chooses three looks from our Hotel Deluxe AW23 collection pieces (available to browse here), which we style around some of his own accessories. Commenting on the importance of style in his life he adds:


“Clothes should make you feel confident and strong if you stay within your own comfort zone. How you feel is key to how you behave and the external persona you may project. Clothes should empower you and not make you wonder whether you’ve got it wrong.”


Raoul wears: Baseball Hat in Navy Canvas (coming soon)⁠, Field Jacket in Ecru 6 Wale Corduroy⁠, Square Pocket Shirt In Olive Shadow Check⁠, Braga Pant in Ecru 6 Wale Corduroy⁠, Saucony x UW Jazz NXT⁠.


A quick tour of the two office buildings quickly brings to light the careful consideration that has gone into building a vibrant workplace. He goes on to say:


"Since 1993, we wanted a place and a space where everyone feels proud to share their environment with the external world. Given the industry we work in and the hours we dedicate to our clients, it’s vital that our space is conducive to inspiring creativity, communications and networking. Coming to work to simply do the job is not enough. We need to empower and equip everyone to immerse themselves in culture, brands and new ideas. Hence the gallery, bar, library, magazine archive and a great sound system."


Raoul wears: Baseball Hat in Navy Canvas (coming soon), Five Pocket Jacket In Olive Chevron Cotton, Oxford Pant In Black Japanese Print TwillSaucony x UW Jazz NXT⁠.


The walls of the stairwell and office spaces are decorated with artwork — each with a story that sits somewhere in the collective history of the company. The only exception is one of the meeting rooms, where blank canvases line the walls, as Raoul explains the artwork is selected specifically for the visiting client or theme of the meeting. The tour culminates as we reach his private office space, with one side occupied by a bookshelf complete with further items from his collection, including books, toys, skateboards and much more. He explains;


"We’ve tried to ensure everything has a place and nothing is in the building by chance – each item has a story that shapes and defines our 30 year history. My favourites are the most personal since they connect us to an individual and an important milestone in our story."


Raoul wears: Zip Bomber in Brown Check Duke FleeceZip Gilet In Brown Check Duke FleeceBraga Pant in Ecru 6 Wale CorduroySaucony x UW Jazz NXT. Raoul wears own cap.



In a previous article, he was credited with recognising the power of social networking before social networks existed. But it’s fair to acknowledge that the landscape has changed significantly since he launched Exposure back in 1993, and the introduction of digital connectivity has brought with it many challenges. Raoul elaborates:


“Digital and social media has created this incredible sense of connection and access, yet people are more lonely now than ever before – which confirms that human contact is the key to building true relationships, binding communities together and propelling us forwards. The speed, contact and immediacy of everything on a screen has many virtues but nothing beats a real time cuppa and a decent conversation, debate or argument. Like most things, balance is important, but I feel people have finally reverted to wanting more human contact and genuine connectivity.”


We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Thanks for having us Raoul!


Raoul wears: Zip Bomber in Brown Check Duke FleeceZip Gilet In Brown Check Duke FleeceBraga Pant in Ecru 6 Wale CorduroySaucony x UW Jazz NXT. Raoul wears own cap.


Raoul wears: Baseball Hat in Navy Canvas (coming soon), Five Pocket Jacket In Olive Chevron Cotton, Oxford Pant In Black Japanese Print TwillSaucony x UW Jazz NXT⁠.



Photography by Yu Fujiwara.