"Universal Threads" is a series that explores the commonality running through everything we do. In our most recent instalment, "Community Questions," we invite our UW social media audiences, subscribers, and even our own team, to ask us anything they’d like to know about Universal Works (within reason…). We've sifted through the questions sent in, keeping a tally on the ones that popped up the most, and then caught our co-founders on camera answering them.

Whether you sent your question in via email, telephone, handwritten letter, zoom call, or paper plane, we hope you enjoy hearing a bit more about what makes Universal Works, Universal Works.


UW People


It goes without saying that Universal Works is wholeheartedly about authentic relationships with people, both inside and outside of the business. This includes our team, collaborators, and anyone who buys from us, supports us, or simply follows us from afar and likes what we do – not to mention you, reading this journal.

So, without further ado, in our most recent instalment, our co-founders David and Stephanie sat down to give a personal response to the question, 'What does the phrase ‘UW People’ mean to you?'. Full video below, as well as archive imagery of UW people from over the years. Enjoy.