Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only one who didn’t get the memo that we are all finally able to go on holiday again? Now that traveling is less restricted; so many of the people we know are off somewhere soaking up the sun, and we're stuck in the office gazing at a negligible strip of blue sky. We would certainly be forgiving of a twinge of envy that might be felt as you scroll through your social feeds. 

The good news, should we not be jet-setting this summer...., we are still likely to need a few pieces to prop up that summer wardrobe right? After all, it’s good to be prepared for those unexpectedly warm summer days at home - we don’t want to get caught out!

With this in mind we've done a round-up of our most vacay (or staycay) appropriate fabrics to see you through the summer days ahead.

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Not just for your at home tracksuit, Terry fleece has a playful, relaxed energy about it.

You’d be hard pushed to find another fabric that stirs up connotations of long hot summers like this one. Think sun-tanned preppy jet-set alpha male leisure with a chunk of 1970s seaside thrown in – or fast-track the cultural references and straddle somewhere between Slim Aarons and Martin Parr. The name Terry cloth originates from the French verb ‘tirer’ – which means ‘to pull’ and explains the manufacturing methods. Long knots of yarn are teased through a dense weft material to generate that brilliant towel appearance. An open weave, those ‘loops’ you can see actually trap cold air and help to cool down your overheated torso. Phew.

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Ikat has long been used in our collections; in fact we’ve used them since the very beginning, and with good reason. This beautiful art form involves a process of resist dyeing yarns prior to weaving, before creating an intricately handwoven cloth. Our perennial shirting option, this beautiful Southern Indian fabric has become a staple for the modern man. Soft, wearable, distinctive and luxurious.

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Far from an old school classic, this iconic fabric is actually pretty technical. The ‘puckering’ isn’t just for show; it was an early 20th century invention that keeps the majority of the cloth sitting away from the skin. This means it’s naturally breathable and allows air to circulate freely between you and the garment. Every move you make wafts a cool fresh breeze to the parts that need it the most. Who can argue with that? At Universal Works, we call it cotton air conditioning. Plus you can chuck it in your suitcase and you won’t be cursing yourself that you didn’t pack the iron with the kitchen sink.

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An easy throw on our Piquet fabric is a super dexterous, soft cotton with a slightly textured weave. It’s more durable than a jersey fabric, more absorbent of dye, and hides those dreaded sweat patches. It’s comfortable, breathable, and has the perfect ‘every day of vacay’ kind of vibe. Available in one style, the 'Vacation Polo' which is designed to be worn with any outfit. It has a super comfortable, relaxed fit, and is slightly more dressed up than a plain white tee but with zero stuffiness in the equation.

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Full SS22 fabric guide here.