We’re not normally big on “themes”, but if we had to choose one for this piece it would be about how to style one of our new seasonal fabrics into your daily rig.


It goes without saying, not all fabric is made equal. There are some we simply depend on more than others and will always, almost impulsively, find ourselves turning to whatever the situation. Something about it just feels right, and we can’t seem to put our finger on it. We are, of course, talking about Poly Tech — a recycled fabric that has quickly become a solid favourite in the Spring/Summer ’24 collection since its release. This should come as no surprise, given that you can (more or less) take it anywhere, screw it up and it will retain that clean, creaseless look, with lightness, durability, and comfort.


Here, we explore the versatility of this emerging go-to, and we have cooked up another batch of styling inspiration to help you make the most out of your favourite Poly Tech number, come rain or shine. For an added personal touch, and as a starting point for us to style around, we asked our models to select any piece they liked from the latest collection, before integrating this wonder fabric into each look. 


Scroll on to see Recycled Poly Tech styled across three looks.



No. 1 

Ben, who is a real sucker for navy in everyday life, decided to try out a simple but strong pairing with the Oxford Pant in Sand Recycled Poly Tech — although not his usual colourway, we think it should be.


Ben wears: Baseball Hat In Summer Oak Canvas, Pullover Knit Shirt In Indigo Eco Cotton, Oxford Pant In Sand Recycled Poly Tech.



No. 2

Poly Tech is available in everything from a smart 3-piece suit to a more casual Loose Cargo Pant as demonstrated here by our very own Henry. It’s rare for us to design so many styles in one collection, in the same fabric; some might see that as evidence of a versatile cloth that’s worth shouting about.


Henry wears: Beach Hat In Navy Recycled Poly Tech, Tech Overshirt In Driftwood Pike Waffle, Camp Shirt II In Blue/Orange Busy Stripe Cotton, Loose Cargo Pant In Navy Recycled Poly Tech.



No. 3

Like anyone living in the UK, Tyler knows how unpredictable the weather can be on these shores, so having a jacket to hand is always a good idea.Thanks to Poly Tech’s crease resistant properties, the Parachute Field Jacket in Recycled Poly Tech holds its own, even when worn straight out of the bag or suitcase.


Tyler wears: Parachute Field Jacket In Olive Recycled Poly Tech, K Track Jacket In Driftwood Pike Waffle, Print Tee In Sand Jersey #30, Pleated Track Short In Sand Garden Cord.