At this time of year, it seems like we’re always on the move and never sitting at our desks (other than to write this). We can’t complain, though—we’ll take any excuse to see our extended family: our agents, collaborators, customers, and industry friends old and new!

On our latest travels, we dropped in on Milan, preceded by a pit stop at Pitti Uomo, and then headed to Paris to present our latest collection, where we also hosted a party with 505 Showroom to celebrate our 15th anniversary.

When we were not partying or meeting customers, we were out and about at the shows and in the showrooms, catching up with friends, including Cableami and Mikia, who we stock in our Stores and Webshop.

For anyone we didn’t get to see, we hope to catch you next time or perhaps see you in Copenhagen and NYC!


The Universal Works Team at 505 Showroom with Vincent from Uncle Otis

Universal Works Team in Paris


Universal Works Team in Paris


The Universal Works Team in Paris with Mikia and Cableami


Universal Works Team in Paris and David Keyte with Nicholas Daley

The Universal Works team outside of 505 Showroom in Paris


Florence and Milan. Pitti Uomo


The Universal Works Team in Florence and Milan

David Keyte with Flower Mountain and Hirofumi Kurino


The Universal Works Team with Fattore K in Milan


David Keyte and the Universal Works Team at Wok Store in Florence