We are pleased to share the latest details of an ongoing collaborative project with Japanese courier company, Logiquest. Dating back to 2017, we continue our partnership with an updated working wardrobe, consisting of existing Universal Works styles that have been reimagined to fit the needs of Logiquest’s team.

This unique project’s origins can be traced back to when UW Co-founder and Designer David Keyte met with the now owner of Logiquest: Daisuke Takahashi, in Tokyo Japan. Daisuke shared his vision of  building the best courier company in Japan and changing the image of the standard courier. To do this he needed to attract the right people by offering the best places to work and the best conditions. Part of that vision was to dress his staff, not just in a well-designed uniform, but a high-quality product too. He believes it can empower the wearer, as the better they feel, the better they will perform - a job perk more common place in the fashion industry than in the world of delivery and logistics.



It was this inspiring vision that persuaded us to work alongside Logiquest on this exciting “uniform” project. “Empowering the team, by helping them look good” is a collaborative tagline for the project that symbolises the shared values between the companies - the message is clear; helping people to look their best helps them work better and have a better time at work. A message that we are proud to put our name to.

Working uniforms have to be comfortable, smart and durable – with an in-built capacity to suit all members of the team, regardless of shape or size. Our interchangeable and modular wardrobe provides a stylish, but durable solution that’s perfect for the active daily schedules of busy Logiquest couriers. Short-sleeved cycling jerseys keep riders cool on the move, waterproof Technical Coats keep the rain at bay, box fresh Shorts, Shirts and Polo Shirts are hard-wearing warm weather options. Long Sleeve Shirts and Uniform Jackets (with short or long sleeves depending on the season) are all topped off with branded cotton caps and co-branded Novesta shoes.

Following an easy-to—wear colour palette of Olive, Ecru, White, Beige, Yellow and Navy, this is the kind of uniform you’d find it easy to mistake for everyday attire. Cut with just the right amount of ease in the pattern, the silhouettes retain a timeless, characterful, laid-back UW. charm.



We are hardwired to associate certain corporate uniforms with high levels of consumer trust. This new Logiquest uniform aims to reinforce the orderliness, diligence and approachability of the staff. By creating a uniform that is equal parts easily recognisable and a total pleasure to wear, we hope to reinforce these values as well as increasing visibility of the Logiquest brand throughout Japan and beyond.

To celebrate this ongoing  partnership we have created a short film, called “Pass the Baton”. It follows the delivery journey of a Universal Works package, as it travels, by courier, across the city. The Logiquest rider is seen deftly weaving through the streets of central London on his trusty Tokyo Bike, precious cargo safely stowed away in the Logiquest rucksack. By showcasing the modular aspect of the UW. X Logiquest uniform, it illustrates how easily interchangeable the pieces are - but also - how fresh and functional they look.  A good-looking capsule of work garb that makes the daily task list feel like a much cooler, smoother ride.

With all this excitement it made sense to offer you guys a slice of the action! We are excited to release a limited run of Universal Works for Logiquest uniform pieces; the Uniform Jacket and Uniform Polo Shirts are now available to buy on the UW webstore.








Universal Works for Logiquest.