"Universal Threads" is a series that explores the commonality running through everything we do. In our most recent instalment, "Community Questions", we invite our UW social media audiences, subscribers, and even our own team, to ask us anything they’d like to know about Universal Works (within reason…). We've sifted through the questions sent in, keeping a tally on the ones that popped up the most, and then caught our co-founders on camera answering them.


Whether you sent your question in via email, telephone, handwritten letter, zoom call, or paper plane, we hope you enjoy hearing a bit more about what makes Universal Works, Universal Works.


Quickfire Questions

To wrap things up on this current series, David and Stephanie answer three final questions. They give us a little insight into how it all started, the importance of customer service, as well as transparency and sharing the good stuff you discover, both in business and in life. We hope you enjoyed this series of Universal Threads. Stay tuned, and check out the full video and archive imagery below. Enjoy.






Our Co-Founder, David Keyte, at work on his kitchen table at home.

David and team in Rome for the launch our collaboration with Saucony Originals, and to celebrate our friendship with longstanding UW stockists Bottiglieria. Find out more here.

Music artist and producer, Samon Kawamura, photographed in his studio for "On the Map" Berlin. Find out more.

Kanti, one of our long-time makers, at his workshop in Leicester, UK. Find out more here.

David pays a visit to Halley Stevensons, a supplier of ours, in Scotland.

Cow Books, a favourite bookshop of David's in Tokyo, Japan.

Hotel Drugs, a small coffee shop in the Harajuku/Sendagya area of Tokyo that caught David's eye and quickly became a favourite during a visit there with Stephanie in 2020. Find out more.