What’s in a name?

Well, when it comes to clothing, you’ll find that often there’s some historical references interwoven into the titles of the stuff we wear today.
The straight-talking Windcheater on the other hand, does exactly what it says on the tin – cheats the breeze to keep you looking tip-top in a gale. It was first coined in 1942 by a menswear firm in Chicago who were knocking out early shower-proof versions in gabardine.

As with most things, the best-in-field examples tend to stick around, which is why we decided to engineer our own adaptation of this hard-working icon.
Universal Works Founder David explains,

“It’s a classic for us. We’ve made it for so many seasons now. In terms of the technical term for a waist length, zip-front, collared, lightweight jacket with two generous hand pockets (because, let’s face it, we always need a pocket to put our hands in), it’s just as the name suggests – a Windcheater. It’s been a staple in menswear since the 1950s and for me, there’s the idea of this being the true casual jacket. Favourite of the beat generation, or even James Dean, who would have worn his with loose-fitting jeans and a white t-shirt to express that ‘rebel spirit’. Most of us can’t remember James Dean, when he was at the top of his fame back then but think of him as the Harry Styles of his day (minus the pop hits) and you’ll soon get the picture. And Harry would look good in our Windcheater for sure…”

With 8 different styles to choose from (including our classic Canvas, as well as new additions in limited numbers; Double Ikat and Japanese Bandana) you’d be wise to invest. Obviously, we can’t guarantee you Harry Styles level heartthrob status, but you’ll definitely be better prepared for the breezy British weather.


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Browse Jackets.