Due to popular demand, the Bakers Pant makes a welcome return in our Autumn/Winter20 collection. We asked David to tell us more about the much-loved pant and where the name came from.

"I mean, what shape of trouser does a baker wear?  Well for me, it's about childhood memories of my dad who wore a loose working pant every day when I was young. We had our Bakers jacket which I named after him in the first collection for UW back in AW09. For AW10 we wanted to introduce a comfortable, slimmer hipped yet loose-fitting pant that in my memory would look like the “cool” pant my dad wore to work, his were in white, and would not have been such an interesting shape but memories can do that! 

I had been obsessed with creating a loose-fitting pant that had a good leg shape, so with the help of a talented pattern cutter and friend of ours we created a pant silhouette based around a long curved side seam, which meant the leg was just what I was looking for. Whilst being loose the pants were a little fitted at the hips and had a longer rise with button fly. The curved side seam created its loose and great looking tubular shape.

So I don't know if the name is the right name. Sadly my dad was no longer around to try the pants on and let me know if he would have worked in them.  After ten years we are not going to change the name anytime soon as the Bakers Pant has become a firm favourite with many of our longer-term customers and a huge hit with our team which is always a good sign as I think they know a good shaped garment when they see one."

Browse our Bakers Pant here




Browse our Bakers Pant here.