We've just concluded two days of in-store customisation and visible repair over at Universal Works Soho, and we're thrilled with how everything unfolded.

At UW, we are committed to creating clothes that last, with a focus on quality and durability guiding our design process. Even the sturdiest jacket can show signs of wear after a few years, so instead of bidding a reluctant farewell to our favourite pieces, we firmly believe in the simple mantra, "stuff worth wearing is worth repairing." That's why we introduced our visible repairs service a couple of years ago.

This weekend, we infused some Re-Works magic into our Soho Store, providing customers with on-site and free visible repairs for two days, courtesy of our London Re-Works partner, White Weft. To mark the occasion, we also offered exclusive sew-on patches in three designs to customise and update both new and existing garments.

For those of you who joined us, we hope your garments now enjoy a new lease of life. For those who couldn't make it, we wanted to share some imagery from the event to hopefully inspire you to take advantage of our Re-Works visible repairs service online. If you have a Universal Works garment that could benefit from this service, click here for further details.


Team UW.

This service is available to U.K customers only at the moment, but keep an eye out for any updates in the future.