Universal Works is widely considered a menswear brand, but it brings us great joy to see that many women also choose to wear and look great in our clothes. On this note, it might be surprising for some to find out that 40% of the Universal Works workforce comprises a diverse group of women working across various teams and at different levels of seniority, and we are proud to be able to say that. As a company, we have always been passionate about equality and inclusion, collectively striving for a world where our differences are valued and celebrated.


So, to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we thought we would share photographs of some of the women who work at Universal Works, all dressed in pieces from our latest Spring/Summer collection. We have also asked them to share their thoughts on "Inspire Inclusion," the theme for International Women’s Day 2024, as we continue the conversation about how we can inspire inclusion for women, and for everyone, both at work and beyond. 


Peace, Love and Soul


Team UW.



Silvia wears: Kyoto Work Jacket In Grey Marl Tropical Suiting, Road Shirt In White Tipzzi Stripe, Pleated Track short In Grey Marl Tropical Suiting.


Silvia, Wholesale Manager


Tell us about your role and background at Universal Works…

My first trial shift at Universal Works was back in April 2014. I initially started as a part-time Sales Assistant in our first Soho Store and then became a store manager at our first Nottingham store before moving to the wholesale team in 2017 where I now work as a Wholesale Manager, looking after the global wholesale side of the business.


What does inclusion mean to you?

Inclusion, to me, means equal opportunities to thrive: more equal access to education has to be where it all starts, giving everyone the same tools, a more meritocratic reward system, and an active, vocal attitude that challenges unequal behaviour – not just for women, for everyone.



Charlie wears: Manor Jacket In Indigo Hickory Stripe Denim, Camp Shirt In Navy/Yellow Tie Dye, Oxford Pant In Driftwood Slub Sateen.


Charlie, Distribution Coordinator


Tell us about your role and background at Universal Works…

I first started working at Universal Works in 2020 as a Warehouse Assistant, picking and packing web orders. This led on to picking and packing  wholesale orders for customers worldwide and I am now the Distribution Coordinator for the UK and Netherlands organising wholesale orders and shipping to 100+ customers every season.


How would you say UW. inspires inclusion?

Every day, we challenge gender stereotypes and biases in the clothes we are producing. Yes, we are a menswear company; however, there is no denying that the women of UW and beyond look pretty good in it too. I feel very lucky to work for Universal Works. As a company, we do a great job promoting inclusion and equality. We have a diverse team in all aspects of the business, and not one person's role is considered more important than the others.



Jessie wears: Capitol Jacket In Olive Recycled Poly Tech, Cardigan In Sand Summer Check Fleece, Minari Shirt In Ecru Embroidered Organic Poplin, Oxford Pant In Olive Recycled Poly Tech.


Jessie, Assistant Designer


Tell us about your role and background at Universal Works…

As an assistant designer I work closely with David (UW Co-Founder and Head Designer) and the production team. I am responsible for various tasks, including visiting fabric fairs and agents to make fabric decisions each season, visiting factories for design development, and working on collaborations and special projects. Additionally, I engage in design development, graphics, and print development, as well as creating tech packs for factories. My work spans across various aspects of the design process, contributing to the creation and production of garments for Universal Works.


Is there anyone you find inspiring and why?

There are many women at work and outside of work whom I find inspiring. Whether they are facing challenges in their personal or professional lives or helping others, these women show courage and empathy. I have the pleasure of working closely with the production team, consisting of supportive and experienced women. Their willingness to share knowledge, provide guidance, and offer support creates a collaborative environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow.


Alice wears: Tie Front Jacket In Navy Organic Fine PoplinOverhead Shirt In Navy/White Poplin Stripe, Oxford Pant In Navy Nearly Pinstripe.


Alice, Project Coordinator


Tell us about your role and background at Universal Works…

I've been a Project Coordinator for three years, which means I am responsible for managing projects that fall outside the company's normal day-to-day operations.


Why is it important to inspire inclusion?

Women have an essential role to play in the workplace; they offer a different perspective, and these opinions, particularly when differing from the established norm, always need to be properly considered and respected. Women need to believe they can do anything, ‘cause they can! And this belief can be achieved through support, encouragement, and respect from both men and women.



Hayley wears: Travail Overshirt In Dark Navy Ospina Cotton, L/S Utility Shirt In White Shin Seersucker, Oxford Pant In Brown/Charcoal Oak Check.


Hayley, Warehouse Assistant


Tell us about your role and background at Universal Works…

I have been working at UW now for just over 8 months and I am a warehouse assistant and I help with all aspects of the running of the warehouse. This includes jobs such as picking and packing orders, stock movements to stores, processing customer returns and deliveries.


How would you say UW. inspires inclusion?

I believe that empowering women and supporting each other is very important and at UW we have strong women in key roles across the business. I feel fortunate to be part of the team here. Stereotypically, as this job is very physical, it could be perceived to be a more male dominated role, but we have females in the warehouse, a female manager, and it is a very inclusive environment. I think it is important to have this diversity and we have a good mix here at UW.