Over the past few seasons, we have been connecting with our global UW family by spotlighting the Good People and Good Places within the network of our stockists. Their role in our story cannot be understated, so as always we like to show our appreciation by highlighting them and UW fans in their community.


We recently had the pleasure of catching up with the team at Société Anonyme in Florence, Italy. Launched in 1999 by Massimiliano Giannelli and his wife Catia, the multi-brand concept store and house label celebrate their 25th anniversary this year. We spoke to their daughter Ginevra, who has been breathing the world of Société Anonyme since birth and is now in charge of the brand’s communication strategy. She says, “More than being a store and a brand, [Société Anonyme] is a concept – a particular way of seeing the world”, and mentions how it’s the result of a wide range of art, design and cultural influences. They became a stockist of ours around 6 years ago, starting with our Spring Summer ‘19 collection, and it has been a joy to have worked with them ever since. Our Co-Founder David Keyte, adds:


“I didn’t know Massimiliano before working with him as a stockist, but knew the store very well through business trips to Florence. Société Anonyme is one of the most innovative and interesting stores in Italy and has been for some time, and it is much respected in the clothing industry there and rightly so. When they approached us wanting to stock us as a brand, we were flattered and delighted. Their seasonal visit to our showroom is always a highlight of the season and I look forward to having informative, interesting discussions with them, not only about the collection, clothing and business, but life in general. I still think their story is one of the best in Italy and on a global scale. They have worked very hard as a family to build a creative space, and we’re still as proud to work with them today as when we began together 6 years ago.”



Massimiliano wears: Kyoto Work Jacket in Navy Twill, Duke Pant in Navy Twill. Shoes Models Own.


The store can be found in the bustling ‘secret’ district of Sant’Ambrogio, a stone’s throw from the landmark Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio but removed from all the tourist traps. It is described as a popular hangout neighbourhood for ‘cool, local youth’ and the store itself attracts a very diverse audience, so we knew they would have no trouble finding someone worth spotlighting: Niccolò (@niccccchia), who previously worked in fashion but now works for an avant-garde events organisation in Florence called Lattexplus, is well-known by Société Anonyme and is a big UW fan – so much so that he supposedly never leaves the store without a UW piece! Niccolò says:


“I have known Société Anonyme for a long time, being a historical and highly referenced store in Florence. In the last few years, thanks to Riccardo’s (Store Manager’s) acquaintance, I became more connected with them.”



Massimiliano wears: As before. Niccolò wears: Coverall Jacket in Navy Nearly Pinstripe, Oxford Pant in Navy Nearly Pinstripe. Shoes Models Own.


Niccolò, who says he enjoys the combination of elegance and comfort when it comes to UW, can be seen here wearing full Navy Nearly Pinstripe, which he chose for its versatility as the perfect combination for both formal and casual situations while also ideal (due to the light fabric) for the scorching Florentine summer. We think he looks great and even more so next to Massimiliano, who can be seen wearing a Black Twill two-piece combination. Our Co-Founder David commented saying, “I love the shoot,” and “I am always happy with their selection and thrilled they buy the more directional pieces.”


If you are in the area, definitely head over to Société Anonyme and say hello to Massimiliano, Catia, Ginevra, Riccardo and all of the team there. They even have events and in-store activations, so keep an eye out on their website and socials to stay ahead of the curve. 


Watch this space for the next instalment of Good People, Good Places.


(Left to Right) Look 1: Manor Jacket in Indigo Hickory Stripe Denim, Pleated Track Pant in Indigo Hickory Stripe Denim. Shoes Models Own. Look 2: Kyoto Work Jacket in Light Olive Twill. Trousers and Shoes Models Own. Look 3: Bakers Jacket in Olive Recycled Poly Tech. Trousers and Shoes Models Own. Look 4: Kyoto Work Jacket in Black Twill, Parachute Short in Stone UW. Camo Twill. Shoes Models Own. Look 5: Manor Jacket in Navy Summer Canvas, Road Shirt in Ecry Oxford Cotton, Oxford Pant II in Navy Summer Canvas. Shoes Models Own.