It is estimated that, in the UK, 235 million items of clothing will go to landfill in 1 year. As charity shops are overwhelmed with donations from the inevitable wardrobe clear outs that happened during the lockdown, it may be shocking to find out that only 15% of consumer-used clothing is actually recycled.

Buying less but buying better has always been our mantra. Making good clothing, with quality fabrics, that last. And if you’re looking to prolong the life cycle of your existing garments, repairing can be a great step forward.  Who doesn't love an old Japanese workwear garment with an extra patch or stitch detail? 

Jamie from UWHQ is pictured here repairing some of his favourite UW. garments. 
In recognition of Earth day, we have shared some great sources of stitch and repair inspiration and information on recycling garments sustainably. 



Three ways to mend fabric inspired by Japanese Textiles 

History on Japanese Textiles 

Simple mend and Repair techniques

Step by step sashiko stitch guide 

Step by step sashiko stitch repair 

Mending techniques 

Tips on how to prolong lifecycle on clothes 

Tips on taking care of your clothes

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Have you been getting nifty with the needle and thread over lockdown and stitched/repaired any of your much loved UW. garments?

If so, we'd love to see, send a photo to: