This week we headed to our denim maker to pick up a special project we have been working on.

Our denim is made in Leicester at a factory owned by Kanti, who along with his brother, produce all of our workshop denim range. Kanti and UW designer David Keyte have been working together for twenty five years so it is always a pleasure to head down for a catch up and chat with the enthusiastic, talkative and talented garment maker.

The trip gave us a great opportunity to see Kanti at work, hand riveting and finishing selvedge denim aprons that have been made specially for our friends at 200 Degrees. The guys at 200 Degs make the best coffee in Nottingham so if you are in the area and yet to try it, head down to their shop on the Flying Horse Walk and while you’re there look out for these great custom aprons on the baristas.