As the new season is kicking off, we took a visit to our local knitwear factory, just a stone's throw away from UWHQ, and we were lucky enough to catch one of our Deluxe Football Scarves in the process of being made.

We have listened to your feedback from our first run and based on popular demand, we've introduced 5 new colours.

"My dad first bought me a cheap football scarf at the age of five or six when I went to my first game at Villa Park and over the years I've had a lot of cheap acrylic hanging around my neck! 

Showing your colours on match day was something to bind you to a place, to a community, and the cheap scarf can still do that job for sure. I'm not knocking it, but ever since we started making quality scarves for Universal Works with a small knit factory in Nottinghamshire, I've wanted to up the ante with my team colours and make a more "deluxe" version of this humble item.

It's taken me 9 years! (I can be slow at times)  but finally, we have made a simple, elegant and wearable (not just for the match), football scarf."

David Keyte - UW Co-Founder/Designer   

A select few will be available later this month, however you can view all the scarves in the making here.








You can shop our Universal Deluxe Football Scarves here.