Back in the particularly chilly January of 2022, during Paris Fashion Week, the UW team geared up for a bustling week ahead. Their agenda included catching up with sales reps, connecting with industry peers, and engaging with global stockists to showcase the AW23 collection. It's a well-known fact that UW's Design Director and co-founder, David Keyte, designs our collections with his own wardrobe in mind. Therefore, it came as no surprise when he enthusiastically packed a few of his favourite samples into his carry-on for the trip, including the yet-to-be-produced 'Diamond Quilt Parka.’ An image posted on Instagram of David sporting it, caused quite the buzz, the response to which served as a catalyst leading us to explore a pre-sales model for the first time in UW’s history.


David wears, Coat - Diamond Quilt Parka In Green Recycled Nylon, Trousers - Braga Pant In Sand Italian Herringbone Cotton, Hat and Shoes - David's own.


Fast forward to today, with the pre-orders delivered and the broader collection now available at our stockists and at UW retail, we thought it was a great time to share imagery showcasing the making of Diamond Quilt Parka with you . Whilst we’d be proud to show you visuals of any Universal Works garment being meticulously made, these particular images were commissioned to keep our pre-sale customers updated on the progress of their orders.

The parkas were skilfully manufactured in Gurgaon, near Delhi, in the northern Indian state of Haryana. Universal Works has a long-standing relationship with the factory responsible for their creation. Owned by Moti Mullick, a close friend of UW's Co-Founder, David Keyte, for over 20 years, this partnership predates the existence of Universal Works itself.

Moti's team consists of seasoned experts in their field, demonstrating an eagle-eyed attention to detail and a strong commitment to quality throughout the entire production process. They exclusively work with a select group of premium brands, and we take pride in being counted among them.

For those fashionable anorak's amongst you, continue scrolling for more imagery showcasing the making of the 'Diamond Quilt Parka' below.

Peace, Love, and Parkas,

Team UW. 


 Mr. Mullick outside Moti's factory situated in Gurgaon, near Delhi. 
We opted for a recycled polyamide fabric from a South Korean mill called Seojin for the outer layer of the Parka, which you can see here being cut and quilted at Moti’s factory, ready for construction.


Here, we see the sewing in of the Universal Works label and care details. Keen-eyed folks amongst us may notice that these labels aren't sewn in under the collar as usual; instead, they are sewn into a pocket.

Attention to detail right up until the end; here you can see keen eyed members of the team removing any loose threads.


The completed parkas await a final quality check, before bring prepped for shipping.


16 weeks later, the Parkas have been delivered and we’ve already seen a few of you posting imagery of you wearing it on your socials - this always leads to big smiles across the UW office.


We hope you’ve enjoyed a little insight into the making of this garment. The Diamond Quilt Parka is available now at selected international stockists as well as at Universal Works stores and on the Universal Works webstore.