The 'Lumber Jacket'.

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The 'Lumber Jacket.'

"New for this Autumn (or FALL as my American friends would say), the 'Lumber Jacket' is my contemporary take on a classic workwear jacket. The kind of old 1950’s workwear that had hand pockets on the side, not the front, a bigger collar and simple yet sturdy construction.

It is based on an old American workwear jacket or over-shirt that in my head every “lumberjack" is wearing as he jumps a-top of the redwood he has just felled, looking every bit the perfect American hero. Of course these days the "Lumber Protection Executive" would be protecting the trees and looking at ways to plant and preserve more, but I like to think he would still be wearing a Lumber Jacket We even made it in a cosy yet structured wool fleece, plain and plaid, to give it a more modern feel and a soft handle while, but still I hope a good nod to it's rugged past" - UW. Designer David Keyte 

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