SS22 - Hotel Deluxe.

Loyal UW fans will already be familiar with the Hotel de Luxe concept. We joke that it’s the best hotel you’ve never stayed in. It’s an imaginary place full of characters you’d actually want to be stuck in a lift with. People with interesting stories, outrageous anecdotes and big energy banter that turn a two-week hotel stay into the trip of a lifetime. 
On the globetrotting tour this time, we’re mooching around the Amalfi Coast region - soaking up the Negronis while sporting laid-back summer pieces that combine skate-park comfort with Lake Como luxury.
Familiar bestsellers like the Bakers Jacket take on a slouchy new attitude in pale indigo Handloom Denim (with selvedge pocket detail). The wraparound Kyoto Work Jacket enters the frame in cocktail Olive corduroy or sandy shores Stone. Sunny sky blue cottons are injected with future-proofed Japanese Paisley print (check out the Long Beach Short). There’s Big Dot energy happening with the Camp Shirt and Polo Shirts plenty – either in crisp and fresh waffle, or the Amalfi version in a jazzy jersey mix.


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